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Welcome to Bayless Healthcare

Bayless Healthcare strives to be your whole family’s Primary Care Partner, where “care” is our passion. We focus on your entire health and wellness and have doctors and healthcare providers ready and trained to work with all ages. Together, we are dedicated to support your family’s physical and emotional needs.

Health impacts the whole family. For example, parents who have children that suffer from asthma may notice that when upset, their asthma gets worse. Likewise, feelings of hopelessness and anxiety or worry often come along with children who have chronic illnesses and can also impact parents and loved ones. Bayless Healthcare has the ability to treat the whole person and promote total health for the entire family.

Bayless Healthcare is not just problem focused but rather acts in advance using a proactive approach that can increase your family’s potential and overall health. Getting over your pain or illness is only part of the package. We also want to help you learn ways to stay healthy so that you can spend your time making positive decisions for you and your family. This is not a traditional doctor–patient relationship; rather, it is a partnership to improve health, prevent disease, and promote your well-being. Visit us or contact our team at Bayless Healthcare today – we appreciate the opportunity to be your Primary Care Partner.


You wouldn't swim in your toilet, would you? Please don't play in the flood waters! It's also easy to step on hidden objects under the water that can hurt you. #phoenix ... See MoreSee Less

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When Ola Orekunrin was a 22-year-old medical student in the UK, her 12-year-old sister became critically ill while visiting relatives in Nigeria. With no medical facility nearby that could treat her condition, the family attempted to arrange an air evaluation. Orekunrin was shocked to discover that not only was no air ambulance available in Nigeria, there was not one available in the whole of West Africa: "The nearest one at the time was in South Africa. They had a 12-hour activation time so by the time they were ready to activate, my sister was dead.” It was then, she explains, "I started thinking about whether I should be in England talking about healthcare in Africa, or I should be in Africa dealing with healthcare and trying to do something about it.” Motivated by her sister's death and the desire to help others with minimal access to trauma care, Orekunrin left a promising medical career in the UK to found West Africa's first air ambulance service, Flying Doctors Nigeria. Now a 28-year-old trauma doctor and helicopter pilot, Orekunrin's fleet of airplanes and helicopters have airlifted hundreds of people from remote areas to hospitals. “From patients with road traffic trauma, to bomb blast injuries to gunshot wounds, we save lives by moving these patients and providing a high level of care en route,” Orekunrin says. “I wanted to find a way that I can facilitate people who were critically ill," she says. "Get them to see a doctor, and not just any doctor -- I wanted to facilitate getting the right patient to the right facility, within the right time frame for that particular illness.” In addition to the distance to health care facilities, there are many other challenges in the region that make air transport critical: “Many of our roads are poorly maintained, so emergency transport by road during the day is difficult. At night, we have armed robbers on our major highways; coupled with poor lighting and poor state of the roads themselves, emergency transport by road is deadly for both patients and staff.” With 20 aircraft and 44 doctors on staff, Orekunrin is proud of her accomplishments, but sees much more room to improve the state of medical care in Nigeria: “Eighty percent of the world trauma occurs in low-middle income countries just like Nigeria. I feel there should be more focus on the trauma epidemic that Africa currently faces... I want to achieve a proper use of the healthcare sector in Nigeria.” For her impressive accomplishments and determination to fill a critical social need, Dr. Orekunrin was named one of the World Economic Forum’s 2013 Young Global Leaders, the organization's prestigious group of the world’s top leaders under the age of 40. To learn more, check out a recent story in The Guardian at bit.ly/1qxkijZ or Orekunrin's TED talk at bit.ly/1khnfl1. You can also check out the Flying Doctors Nigeria website at flyingdoctorsnigeria.com/ If your Mighty Girl dreams of flying one day or you're looking for more stories about women pilots, check out our recent blog post, "Mighty Careers: I Want To Be A Pilot!" for girl-empowering books, toys, and clothing at www.amightygirl.com/blog?p=6249 To introduce children and youth to another famous pilot who changed the world, visit our "Amelia Earhart Collection" at www.amightygirl.com/character-collection/historical-characters-1/amelia-earhart For more stories about inspiring women doctors and scientists for children and teens, visit www.amightygirl.com/books/history-biography/biography?cat=209 And, for pretend play toys for the budding doctors in your life, visit our "Pretend Play Occupations" section and choose your occupation of interest on the left menu: ttp://www.amightygirl.com/toys/imaginative-play/pretend-play?cat=508

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