Physician Assistant – Psychiatry

Physician Assistant – Psychiatry

Essential Job Responsibilities:

  • Provides excellent client care
  • Works closely with psychiatric providers
  • Supports with Medical Assistant staff when needed
  • Duties may include taking a patient’s medical history, conducting physical exams, diagnosing and treating illnesses, ordering and interpreting tests
  • Performs physical examinations and preventive health measures within prescribed guidelines and instructions of the Physician.
  • Works with physician to assign psychiatric diagnosis
  • Follow up with patients to see how they respond psychiatric medications
  • Help to determine what kind of non-medication help they need
  • Assess patients by interviewing them, their family and others
  • Orders, interprets, and evaluates diagnostic tests to identify and assess patient’€™s clinical problems and health care needs.
  • Discusses case with the Physician and other health professionals to prepare a comprehensive patient care plan.
  • Submits the health care plan and goals of individual patients for periodic review and evaluation by the Physician.
  • Prescribes or recommends drugs or other forms of treatment such as physical therapy, inhalation therapy, or related therapeutic procedures.
  • Refers patients to the Physician for consultation or specialized health resources for treatment.
  • Other duties assigned as needed

Communicates accurately, clearly, and professionally.

  • Communicates in a positive, respectful, and courteous manner.
  • Practices active listening skills and uses partnering communication strategies
  • Interacts with coworkers and the community to build productive and collaborative relationships to support the achievement of agency and program goals.
  • Understands and maintains private and sensitive information within the confines of need-to-know parameters.
  • Reviews email daily and uses various writing styles and formats to produce effective communication including a clear purpose and intent.
  • Maintains a calendar and uses calendaring to schedule appointments on a daily basis that is available for review.

Functions as an effective team member with co-workers and the community to build productive, collaborative relationships that support achievement of program goals and objectives.

  • Shares pertinent information with director, contractors, and team members regarding work progress, successes, barriers, concerns, and other areas that may have an impact on the departments services or image, may affect relationships with key participating parties within the confines of need-to-know.
  • Attends and participates in staff meetings in accordance with department standards and schedule. Supports the decisions of the director and members of the management team to staff, participants, and the community.

Utilizes supervision effectively, takes initiative to secure professional development opportunities, and applies relevant information to the work setting.

  • Prepares and participates in supervision that is regular, reflective, and collaborative in nature.
  • Recognizes the personal limits of competencies and expertise, seeks supervision and guidance accordingly.
  • Maintains a reasonable level of awareness of current professional information in fields of activity and undertakes regular and ongoing efforts to maintain competence in the skills used.
  • Notifies supervisor of crisis situations, unusual incidents, and/or on-going problems within appropriate timelines (including reports to Child Protective Services).

Education, Experience, and Other Qualifications:

  • Must be PA-C certified
  • 1-5 years’ experience preferred
  • Must provide proof of a valid drivers license, valid auto insurance coverage with at least the minimum state coverage, CPR and First Aid Certification, Arizona Fingerprint Clearance;
  • Proficient in electronic clinical documentation
  • Negative test results on TB and drug prescreen.
  • Proof of a Hep B vaccination.

This list of EJFs and tasks are accurate as of the date reviewed. If the EJFs of this job changes, including physical or mental demands, a redetermination of the EJF should be done. Questions about the EJFs of a job should be addressed to the HR Generalist or Managing Supervisor for the position.

The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by the person in this job and are not intended to be an exhausted list of all responsibilities and skills required.

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