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Understanding is Key to Integrated Healthcare

Bayless takes a €œwhole patient€ approach to medical care and delivery of our services. People can reduce their risk of developing a major medical illness and receive more effective treatment when they play an active role in their own inter-disciplinary health care.

We call this our €œintegrated healthcare model, integrating behavioral healthcare and primary care. At Bayless Healthcare, we believe that when patients, family members, and staff work together we are more likely to achieve positive health outcomes.

Education and Inspiration

Learning about health issues is important for everyone.

For staff, we use a method called “didactic training” to instill new ideas from recognized experts. These sessions provide continuing education for our healthcare team in a dynamic and progressive learning environment. While targeted to medical staff, we’re offering some of the sessions here so that anyone with an interest can listen and learn.

For patients and families, medical and mental health treatment is sometimes a confusing or difficult process. This is where inspiration comes into play. By sharing authentic success stories from some of our own patients, we can communicate our vision – that good health transforms lives.

For the public, Bayless Healthcare is a respected source of information and explanations. Our healthcare providers are often invited to appear on Phoenix news programs to offer advice on timely medical issues, and quoted in newspaper and magazine articles on matters affecting our community.