Staff Training

Didactic Training

Bayless Healthcare Group is committed to the on-going and continuous development of the skills of our clinicians and practitioners. Each staff member participates in regular training sessions on various topics from the latest in clinical modalities, to better patient interactions, as well as administrative efficiencies. Our goal is to provide a dynamic and progressive learning environment to explore new skills and new thinking.

didactic (adj.)– involving lecture and textbook instruction rather than demonstration
and laboratory study

We employ both staff and outside recognized experts in the development and delivery of these training sessions. These interactive sessions are held regularly  in one of our Bayless Healthcare Clinics and are up to two hours in length.

Presented here are the complete didactic training sessions. While targeted for professionals and clinicians in the behavioral health and integrated healthcare fields, these may prove insightful to the general public as well. We welcome you to view them free of charge.

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