Lighthouse Youth Program

Lighthouse Youth Program – IOP/SA
9014 S Central Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85042

The Lighthouse Program is designed as an intensive outpatient program for teenagers from 12 to 17 years of age of moderate to high risk for disruptive behavioral disorders, mood disorders, and substance abuse/dependency.

All youth are assigned a primary therapist who takes the lead on individual counseling, family counseling, and multi-disciplinary team meetings. However, each teenager also works with the entire staff of the Lighthouse Clinical team through individual check-ins and specialized group sessions in the following topic areas:

* Orientation  *Substance Abuse  *Emotions  * Psychodrama  *Boys Discussion Group *Expressive Arts *Life Skills  *Leadership *Cooking *Girls Discussion Group

Group Sessions are conducted Monday through Friday from the evening hours of 4 to 5:30 p.m. and 6 to 7:30 p.m. Placement in groups are subject to the individual needs, readiness, and availability of each youth.

In addition, the Lighthouse Program conducts routine weekly group sessions and the following monthly meetings:

Lighthouse Teen Community Meetings

This is a monthly gathering of our youths to address:

  • Relationships in the youth community
  • Specific problems common to community members
  • Develop a sense of collective identity, in effort to support each other’s life challenges

Lighthouse Parents Discussion Group

This is a monthly meeting of parents/guardians of Lighthouse teenagers that provide a forum to:

  • Understand the common challenges confronting parents of high-risk teenagers
  • Opportunity to learn and benefit, practice, while supporting basic program lessons and strategies
  • Provides parents/guardians an opportunity to inquire as to the progress of their teenagers
  • Incorporates discussion adjustments in communication and interaction patterns with their teenagers

Referral Contacts:

602 230-7373 ext. 254