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Healthy Family
New job. New home. New friends. In our fast-paced world, life presents daily challenges and opportunities for children and families. Social, coping, and communications skills are needed to deal with school, work, friends, and family. People thrive when they have assistance, support, and care.

Bayless Healthcare provides a progressive approach to wellness in a supportive and nurturing environment. We help with the daily challenges of life. Say your child starts a new grade this year, or a new school. Are they ready? Are you? Peer pressures create daily distractions in school, and kids who struggle with weight issues and self-image need guidance in making good nutritional choices. 

Our integrated healthcare model provides access to wellness and health professionals – “life consultants” – who provide a full range of complementary services. Our “healthy home” facilities are designed to make those services easy to access and readily available.