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Aurelia Healthcare Management

Transformation isn’t a future event, it’s a present-day activity.

About Aurelia Health

Our Essence

Transformation is how life is sustained. Changing, evolving, thriving.

And when it comes to healthcare, it is no different. We believe it must transform from what it is to something more dynamic and sustainable.

Aurelia is transforming healthcare delivery, much like how a chrysalis transforms into a butterfly, by providing industry leading entrepreneurship, technology, and managed services enabling providers to focus on better outcomes for their patients, their company, and their community.

Strategic Vision

On December 21st, 2020, a strategic partnership was formed with Magellan Health Inc. and
Bayless Integrated Healthcare to establish Aurelia Health as a national care delivery platform.

Establish platform assets with select number of providers in an initial
market, serving as each market’s hub (Bayless Integrated Healthcare in

  • Anchor a network of additional non-owned clinics and providers as spokes around the hub
  • Affiliated provider spokes managed by hubs in management services organization (MSO) and/or clinically integrated network model
  • National clinical “command center” maintains and roll-out to each hub best-practice operating model and clinical protocols / guidelines; hubs roll out to spokes under MSOs
  • Hub and spoke model rolled out over time to additional markets

Create strength in payer networks w/ preferred providers and signal
provider partnership approach with robust access to mental health.

Optionality to take risk for complex cohorts of Medicaid, Medicare,
Exchange, Commercial and Dual Eligible populations.

Aurelia Health Provides Platform for National Expansion


Bayless Footprint in AZ Market

AZ Footprint

  • 7 integrated clinics, 2 mental health counseling clinics and 1 corporate / command center location
  • 400+ total employees of which 200+ are clinical providers


Bayless Footprint in AZ Market

AZ Footprint

  • Continue operations as AZ based provider (current provider business stays in tact)
  • Bayless position in the AZ market establishes unique position to deliver on key strategic opportunities
  • In network for most Arizona managed care plans, to enhance value proposition in continuing relationship

Aurelia Health Expansion Roadmap:

1. New Geographic Market Expansion

  • Expand to new markets to serve network gaps for payers
  • Target most strategic geographies for near-term business

2. Full Risk Capability

  • Enables Aurelia to take full risk on select complex populations
  • Aurelia has clinical and institutional knowledge to manage such members while maintaining attractive cost/margin profile

Clinically Integrated Network

Aurelia Health Network services include:

  • Assist provider groups with participation in value-based agreements.
  • Leverage population health tools and technology to drive better clinical outcomes and lower cost of care for complex populations.
  • Risk based contracts with strategic payer partners.
  • Integrated Delivery Systems (IDN) alignment and partnerships.

Managed Services Organization (MSO)

Aurelia Healthcare Management services include:

  • Providing executive and administrative leadership.
  • Preparing budgets and financial statements; managing overhead and revenue; accounting and auditing; payroll and benefits.
  • Developing and managing practice and clinical policies.
  • Negotiating, monitoring, and managing contracts and leases; obtaining insurance and malpractice; captive for providers*.
  • Business development, marketing, advertising, and public relations.
  • Care management; utilization management, and quality management.
  • Revenue Cycle including licensing and credentialing support.
  • Human resources and talent acquisition.
  • Centralized scheduling and customer service.
  • Technology, software development, electronic health record platform with virtual care capabilities and patient engagement tools.

How Will Aurelia Health Create Provider Synergy?

Key Highlights

Future Operating Model Enabler

Importance of linkage of Primary Care/BH specialist in future operating model

Virtual Care including Telemedicine and Retail Clinics

Integrated and Collaborative Care Solutions

Care Manager Integration/Address Social Determinants of Health

Community-Based Care

Select Number of Owned Clinics Geographically Located

Ability to create best practices

  • Clinical protocols
  • Clinical guidelines
  • Operating model

Leverage Clinical Assets / Other Capabilities to Create MSO Platform for Preferred Providers

Hub & Spoke

  • Build centers of excellence supported by owned assets
  • Integrate into scalable provider practice management platform (MSO)
  • Expand ‘spokes’ with affiliated preferred partners, managed through MSO infrastructure
  • Home clinical care integration

Digital Tools

Enhances access / provider availability



Graham B. Johnson, CPA,

Chief Financial Officer



Dr. George Orras, PHD, LCSW, MBA,

Chief Clinical Officer


Danielle Sink, MD,

Chief Medical Officer

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