Type of Employment: Full time/Exempt

Essential Job Responsibilities

  • Manages the well-being and health of children from infancy through 21 years
  • Works to care for and manage acute and chronic illness, provide general care, focus on reducing infant and child mortality, and help with the early care and detection of child and adolescent disorders
  • Diagnoses and treats illness, injury, malignancies, genetic defects, and organic dysfunctions and disease
  • Maintains a consistent level of quality of care offered to patients
  • Through professional expertise and knowledge, provides clinical credibility for internal and external constituencies, customers, and regulatory bodies
  • Participates in the development of new programs and external opportunities
  • Assures personal compliance with licensing, certification and accrediting bodies

Advocates for program services on behalf of its participants and staff

  • Networks and advocates through active participation in community meetings, agency/department and community committees, and membership in associations/organizations that effect and impact the program/agency’s services and participants and/or address unmet needs of participating families
  • Advocates for the development and support of services that are prevention oriented, culturally sensitive, community-based, family-centered, and encourage family preservation and self-sufficiency
  • Makes presentations, develops and/or recommends activities to staff and the community that will publicize the department’s programs and services

Provides leadership

  • Encourages and supports the process of team development. Is proactive in working to ensure positive and effective team functioning, and to address any issues that may interfere with a constructive team process
  • Facilitates and participates in integrated team process
  • Manages change effectively and positively
  • Provides staff members with motivation and support to do their work
  • Facilitates open and clear communication among team members
  • Supports decisions of the Chief Medical Officer

Communicates accurately, clearly, and professionally

  • Communicates in a positive, respectful, and courteous manner
    • Practices active listening skills and uses partnering communication strategies to engage staff members in collaborative problem-solving process
    • Interacts with coworkers and the community to build productive and collaborative relationships to support the achievement of agency and program goals
    • Understands and maintains private and sensitive information within the confines of need-to-know parameters
    • Reviews email daily utilizing various writing styles and formats to produce effective communication including a clear purpose and intent
    • Submits accurate and complete reports, forms, and other written information as required in accordance with department and program standards

Job Requirements:

  • AZ State licensed Medical Doctor with a specialty in pediatrics
  • 5 to 10 years of professional experience
  • Additionally, must be board-certified/eligible within area of specialty.
  • Must possess excellent interpersonal and management skills.
  • Additionally, organizational and reporting skills are imperative
  • Exceptional research and writing skills, as they must constantly seek out new procedures to assist the facility in running as efficiently as possible
  • Must provide proof of a valid driver’s license, valid auto insurance coverage with at least the minimum state coverage, CPR and First Aid Certification, Arizona Fingerprint Clearance;
  • Proficient in electronic clinical documentation
  • Negative test results on TB and drug prescreen.
  • Proof of a Hep B vaccination.
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