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President & Chief Operations Officer (COO)

President & Chief Operations Officer (COO)


Transformation is how life is sustained. Changing, evolving, thriving.

 And when it comes to healthcare, it is no different. We believe it must transform from what it is to something more dynamic and sustainable.

 Aurelia is transforming healthcare delivery, much like how a chrysalis transforms into a butterfly, by providing industry leading entrepreneurship, technology, and managed services enabling providers to focus on better outcomes for their patients, their company, and their community.

 President & Chief Operations Officer (COO) aka EOS Integrator

The President & COO will report to the Chief Executive Officer/EOS Visionary with the primary responsibility for defining and realizing plans for aggressive growth in operational capacity of patient engagement and treatment delivery activities. The COO is responsible for ensuring the adoption and placement of proper operational controls, administrative and reporting procedures; fostering the Company’s culture and people systems; and effectively expanding capacity while ensuring service levels and operating efficiency.

The President & COO will also be expected to coach senior leaders in driving operational discipline while also encouraging cross-functional collaboration to achieve shared goals, building on the existing cultural commitment to helping patients in need.


The President & Chief Operating Officer is the person who is the tie-breaker for the leadership team, is the glue for the organization, holds everything together, beats the drum (provides cadence), is accountable for the P&L results, executes the business plan, holds the Leadership Team accountable, and is the steady force in the organization. The Integrator also creates organizational clarity, communication, and consistency; typically (but not always) operates more on logic and metrics; drives results; forces resolution, focus, team unity, prioritization and follow-through; is the filter for all of the Visionary’s ideas; harmoniously integrates the Leadership Team; and helps to remove obstacles and barriers. He/She proactively identifies and implements required operational processes and reporting to support rapid business growth without introducing undue bureaucracy.

The President & COO is expected to effectively manage operations of the company, including:

  • Clinical Operations (starting with over 150 providers), including quality treatment delivery, capacity availability and utilization, provider/patient support services, clinical outcomes, and superior patient and provider satisfaction.
  • Additional operations required to support new products and services, either sourced internally or from M&A.
  • Retain, attract, inspire, and develop key talent to support rapid organization growth and maturity.
  • Allocate resources efficiently, and set a cultural tone which infuses and re-enforces accountability and Core Values into the DNA of all employees, vendors, and other relevant constituents;
  • Provide the structure, processes, and standard operational systems that can be effectively applied to the integration of acquisitions and the operational interactions with current and future partners;
  • Assure a proactive integrated, disciplined, and “no surprises” approach to running the business;
  • Partner with the Chief Financial Officer to build a flexible operating budget and manage related metrics to meet and exceed financial expectations;
  • Collaborate with executive team leaders including but not limited to Chief Financial Officer, Chief Medical Officer, Chief People Officer, Chief Growth Officer, Chief Technology Officer, and SVP of Operations to meet clinical, financial, and operational goals of Aurelia Health.



With at least 7-10 years of leadership experience, with demonstrated operational responsibilities, he/she will have depth in operations, and specifically direct, operational experience within healthcare call center, provider, and/or medical outpatient related service activities.  The successful candidate may have been a President/COO in a freestanding comparably positioned business. He/she will be able to point to a track record of clear and unequivocal success. Additional requirements of the President & COO include:

  • Demonstrable, successful experience growing a relatively early stage business that has scaled from $25MM to $100MM or more in revenues. Experiences in driving a broad and deep operational transformation in a rapid growth environment
  • Strong leadership and people management skills, and be able to point to his/her development of strong teams and individual performers historically;
  • An energetic, articulate, and mature executive with a broad-gauged business sense, bottom-line orientation, and the ability to function as a key member of the Company’s senior management team;
  • Structured, linear thinker; strong intellectual capacity and quantitative skills. Thrives in a metric-oriented environment with a focus on achieving KPIs and driving data-driven decisions:
  • Relevant healthcare operating experience with outpatient and clinical service delivery strongly preferred.


In addition to having a proven track record of strategic, and operational accomplishments from relevant markets, the successful candidate will exhibit:

  • Strong service commitment, with focus on ensuring operations meet expectations in rapid growth environment with appropriate discipline and controls to avoid service interruptions
  • Outstanding Leadership and Team Building. An executive with superior inspirational qualities who creates an atmosphere in which people work together enthusiastically and cooperatively to produce outstanding results; one who attracts top talent from outside the organization while developing strong teams within. He/she must be an “influencer” who can rally people around a common vision; a natural leader;
  • Maturity and Independence. Someone who speaks with authority and can lead the team rather than follow; A thoroughly honest and forthright individual who is up-front and direct.
  • A Focus on Execution. The Integrator will be a self-starter with a ”roll up the sleeves” mentality; someone who advances their team’s and the company agenda while working in concert with other groups.
  • Nimble in the Face of Ambiguity and Adversity. Grounded realist who naturally adjusts to changing internal/external dynamics, priorities and challenge; Decisive; optimist/”can-do” attitude.
  • A Relentless personality professionally and personally.
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