Pasantías Gracias por su interés en nuestro programa. Actualmente nuestros puestos de pasantías estan llenos para el semestre de otoño de 2022. Reabriremos nuestro proceso de solicitud en Noviembre para la primavera de 2023.

Resultados de Estudios

The Family Check-Up 4 Health: Study protocol of a randomized type II hybrid effectiveness–implementation trial in integrated primary care (the healthy communities 4 healthy students study) 2020

Parenting interventions like the Family Check-Up have demonstrated effects on child physical and behavioral health outcomes. However, access to these programs is limited, particularly for populations experiencing health disparities. Read more here about the effectiveness of the Family Check-Up 4 Health program.

TCPI Exemplary Practice Performance Summary, May 2019

In denova’ relentless pursuit of a better patient experience, we focus on high quality care, closing care gaps, and decreasing costs through improved outcomes including a significant reduction of medically unnecessary hospital and emergency department use. The Exemplary Practice Summary reports on these metrics and on cost savings over a three-year period. Read more here.

Loma Linda Wellness Coach Pilot 2016-17 School Year

denova partnered with Playworks and Loma Linda Elementary School in order to establish a new paradigm for children and families to receive both timely and quality healthcare services while also engaging parents to the correlation between health outcomes and scholastic achievement. Read more about partnership results here.