Jay Roundy, M.A, D.P.A

Jay Roundy, M.A, D.P.A

Operations Advisor

Dr. Roundy is a counseling psychologist and organizational behaviorist by training, a servant leader by nature, and a performance coach by choice. Jay is a transformational performance expert with extensive senior level leadership, management, coaching, consulting and training experience with individuals, teams, and organizations in multiple sports and business areas. He has a unique ability to apply results-producing performance improvement strategies and demonstrated ability to lead others to achieve transformational performance in the midst of a demanding, complex, and constantly changing environment by inspiring a common purpose, vision, strategy, and execution.

Jay has conducted research on organizational behavior and leadership as they relate to results-oriented performance. Applying the performance and leadership strategies derived from his research, he has implemented high-performance teams, improved morale and improved resultsboth in the boardroom and on the field of play.

His areas of specialization in healthcare are – Value-Based Operations – Payer and Provider as well as Clinical and Administrative Integrated Systems of Care – including Social Determinants of Health, Population Health and Targeted Care Management Strategies Healthcare Ecosystem Transformation Creating Strategic Certainty in a Constantly Changing, Ambiguous and Uncertain Environment Strategies for Organizational High Performance.

Jay has served in various positions in multiple healthcare organizations. Prior to joining Bayless he was the Senior Director for Integrated Behaivoral health for Aetna Medicaid.

Dr. Roundy is a member of the College for Behavioral Health Leadership and a past Board Member Dr. Roundy received a doctorate in public administration from Arizona State University and a master’s in counseling psychology from Chapman College in Orange, California.

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