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Silvia Garcia, MSW, MPA

Silvia Garcia, MSW, MPA

Chief of Administrative Officer

Silvia L. Garcia is a first-generation Arizona native committed to creating change to improve the quality of life in Arizona. She is passionate about serving communities of diverse backgrounds and bridging social gaps that deter equity.

Silvia has over 10 years of experience in the social service arena with specialized skills in project management as well as experience in directing, coordinating, and overseeing the development, implementation and execution of Statewide initiatives that address detriments of health.

Working in both public and private environments, Silvia has a vast understanding on how to deploy a professional, results-driven management system that tracks and improves performance every day. As a leader, Silvia fosters an environment of teamwork and ensures that strategy is clearly defined while overseeing performance and maintaining morale.

Silvia’s education includes a Bachelor degree in Psychology with a minor in Spanish from the Arizona State University where she graduated from with honors. Silvia continued her education at the Arizona State University and obtained two Master’s degree, one in Social Work and the other in Public Administration.

As co-founder of a club soccer organization, Silvia likes promoting sports among youth and engaging communities to become actively involved in supporting youth reach their full potential. During her spare time Silvia enjoys spending quality time with her four children and loving husband. Her favorite pastimes are traveling, outdoor activity, and reading a good book.

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