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How Do I Discuss with My Child’s Doctor Their Youth Behavioral Health Problems?

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No matter their age, your children deserve the best handling and treatment. If you notice some troubling behavior patterns in your child, they could genuinely be a significant concern that needs to be addressed right away. Whether your child has a bad temper, tantrums, or acts out regularly, you may need to talk to a doctor about their behavioral health problems.

Behavioral Health professionals at denova Healthcare can perform a medical evaluation to determine the possible factors triggering your child’s behavioral problem. Here are some valuable things to consider when talking to your child’s doctor about youth behavioral health.

Discuss Any Worrisome Behaviors with Your Child’s Pediatrician Early on

You may be tempted to overlook many worrisome behavioral problems or write them off as a phase, but this will likely only escalate into bigger issues over time. However, some behaviors you might consider worrisome could be normal for a child’s stage of development because behaviors change as they grow. That’s why it so important to talk to a behavior professional early on. Some examples of troubling behaviors include:

  • Aggression: Aggressive behavior in children can include angry tantrums, verbal attacks, bullying, hot-headed outbursts that hurt others or destroy property, and attempts to control others through violence.

In most cases, aggression has an underlying cause and may require medical attention to address. Typically, it is an undiagnosed learning disability or health condition that triggers such problems and causes aggressive behavior.

  • Hyperactivity: Constant fidgeting, excessive talking, acting without thinking, excessive physical movement, and interrupting conversations are all signs of hyperactivity. Hyperactive children may rush through things, have difficulty maintaining attention, and make careless mistakes.

If you think your little one is too hyperactive, even for their age, schedule an appointment with a pediatrician early on for a checkup. A qualified professional from denova Healthcare can perform a thorough checkup to determine if something else could be responsible for the problem.

  • Inattentiveness: The obvious symptoms of inattentiveness include trouble concentrating or focusing attention, inability to listen well to directions, appearing forgetful, and making careless mistakes. If your child shows these signs, it will help to discuss with their doctor to help you understand how to best handle the situation.

With Teens, Talk to them First

The teenage years can be a tricky stage, so you should strive to create a close relationship with your teen. During this stage of life, kids are often pushing boundaries, being stubborn, yearning for independence, and generally acting out. This can make it extremely uncomfortable and embarrassing for your child to have you introduce the topic of behavioral issues during a doctor visit.

Behavioral experts from denova Healthcare recommend you talk with your teen prior to visiting a doctor. If you discover that your teen has engaged in compromising behavior, speak to them with love, listen, show them trust, and let them know you care about what they think or say.

Mental Health Assessment

A mental health assessment involves performing a physical examination on a child to identify underlying difficulties. If your child is showing risky behaviors or has a history of mental disorders, a doctor will carry out a mental health evaluation to determine the problem, diagnose it, and recommend the most suitable treatment.

Alternatively, your child’s doctor will work with a psychiatrist to manage the medical part of the behavior by providing appropriate treatments and monitoring prescription levels. Additionally, the doctor will do follow-up evaluations to ensure your child receives proper care and monitoring during the treatment progress.

Contact denova Collaborative Healthcare to Get Started

If you need to talk to a medical professional about your child’s concerning or inappropriate behavior, the team at denova Collaborative Healthcare is here to help. We have a team of experienced pediatricians and psychologists who are committed to ensuring your child gets the attention and care they deserve for healthy growth and development. Please contact us online or call us at (602) 230 7373 to schedule an appointment.