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The Arizona State Association of Physicians Assistants Awards Dr. Andrea Raby and Charlie Rounds as 2017 Physician/PA Team of the Year

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The Arizona State Association of Physicians Assistants Awards Dr. Andrea Raby and Charlie Rounds as 2017 Physician/PA Team of the Year

PHOENIX (March 22, 2018) Dr. Andrea Raby, DO and Charlie Rounds, PA-C, were recently named the Physician/PA Team of the Year by The Arizona State Association of Physicians Assistants. The award highlights physician-PA teams who work collaboratively to greater serve the needs of patients in Arizona.

Each year, The Arizona State Association of Physicians Assistants recognizes two individuals for the Physician/PA Partnership award who exemplify the unique relationship of trust, collegiality, and mutual respect that is essential to the PA profession. The physician/PA team of the year displays evidence of collaboration that allows both the physician and the PA to provide greater medical service to their patients and their community than either one would be able to do alone.

“Charlie played an integral role in the recognition of this award, specifically, through his initiative and passion helping launch the Suboxone Maintenance Program at the Bayless Bella Vista clinic,” said Raby, who is also the Medical Director at Bayless Integrated Healthcare. “This award is invaluable to me, as it demonstrates the importance and necessity of working side-by-side in a concerted effort to fight the war on the opioid epidemic.”

Raby is a diplomat of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology in General Psychiatry. For more than ten years, Raby provided forensic evaluations for the acutely ill, inpatient consultations and direct services, as well as court testimonies for those on court order evaluations. Raby now brings her expertise to Bayless Healthcare, as part of a multidisciplinary team, in treating the outpatient population while creating integrated health programs and supervising physician assistants.

“It’s been such a rewarding and great opportunity to work with Dr. Raby and a team who are passionate and dedicated to helping those who need it most.” Said Rounds.

Prior to joining Bayless Healthcare, Rounds worked in emergency medicine for more than eight years. Rounds now brings his prowess to Bayless Healthcare where he is responsible for developing streamlined, integrated, and appropriate psychiatric care for patients. This involves development and support of patient treatment plans, evaluations, and medication management.

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