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Bayless Integrated Healthcare to open New Center

 |  Bayless News

PHOENIX, Ariz. (May 17, 2017) – After 35 years serving the Central Phoenix community, Bayless Integrated Healthcare will open a new fully integrated health center off Central Avenue on May 30, 2017.

Located at 3033 N. Central Ave., Suite 700, in Phoenix, Ariz., the new 9,000 square-foot Bayless Integrated Health Center offers a holistic approach to healthcare by caring for a patient’s physical, emotional, behavioral, and social healthcare needs in the following ways:

  • Family Medicine: The services traditionally provided by a family practice physician including well exams, same-day sick visits, immunizations, lab orders and management of chronic conditions.
  • Emotional and Behavioral Health: Beyond physical health, diet and exercise are items such as stress, depression, anxiety, behavioral, and emotional barriers that can also impact a patient’s wellness. Emotional and behavioral health care helps remove barriers and lay the foundation for complete wellness.
  • Social Health: The lifestyles and conditions in which people are born, grow, live, work, and age have an impact on overall health. Wellness Navigators assist patients with resources that are pertinent to their lifestyle and social support needs, including factors like socioeconomic status, education, physical environment, employment and social support networks.

Understanding that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all model for health and wellness, the Bayless Integrated Health Center is designed to be a medical home for patients and their families to address their complex wellness needs at every stage of life.

Bayless Integrated Healthcare is here to help and works with patients and their families to make its healthcare services convenient, affordable, and accessible. Bayless Integrated Healthcare accepts most major insurances, including AHCCCS and Medicare, as well as offers transparent self-pay rates listed on their website. There is no discrimination against any person receiving care because of his/her ability to pay for services, because payment for those services are made under Medicare or Medicaid/AHCCCS, or for reasons of race, color, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, or religion.

About Bayless Integrated Healthcare
Founded in 1982 by Dr. Michael Brad Bayless, Bayless Integrated Healthcare has grown from its roots as a ground-breaking, multi-disciplinary model for behavioral healthcare to a fully integrated comprehensive healthcare provider. With multiple specialties utilizing new technologies to improve the patient experience for all ages and socio-economic classes, Bayless Integrated Healthcare Group provides services including evaluation, diagnosis, consultations, medication management, psychotherapy, psychiatric nursing, individualized behavioral plans, wellness assessments, education and training.