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Bayless Integrated Healthcare Partners with APM Pharmacy

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Bayless Integrated Healthcare Partners with APM Pharmacy
Leading Valley healthcare provider implements self-serve pharmacy kiosk dispensing prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs in as quick as 90 seconds

PHOENIX – (Nov. 14, 2017) Bayless Integrated Healthcare, a leader in combining physical, emotional, social, and addiction health services, has announced the launch of APM Pharmacy kiosks. The APM Pharmacy aligns with Bayless whole person approach, saving time, improving lives and putting patients mind at ease.

The APM Pharmacy kiosk, powered by MedAvail Technologies, is an innovative self-serve pharmacy kiosk solution that supports the dispensing of prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications under the full control of a remote pharmacist in a fast, secure, and convenient manner.

“We’re excited to bring the future of pharmacy into our Integrated Health Center and Dobson Ranch locations,” said CEO Justin Bayless. “The patient experience is direct and often faster than going to a physical pharmacy, strengthening our mission to meet patient’s healthcare needs all under one roof and increasing medication adherence.”

The self-serve kiosk allows Bayless patients to fill a prescription immediately after being treated, dispensing in as quick as 90 seconds from over 700 medications.

“Our APM Pharmacy kiosk provides fast, convenient service for patients leaving Bayless Integrated Healthcare locations who require a prescription,” said Ed Kilroy, CEO of MedAvail Technologies. “This technology allows patients to fill their prescription before leaving the clinic when they are already feeling unwell, saving them an added trip.”

For more information, please visit https://www.baylesshealthcare.com/.

About Bayless Integrated Health
Bayless Integrated Healthcare was founded in 1982 by our founder, Dr. Michael Brad Bayless, as a ground-breaking model for mental healthcare delivery utilizing a multi-disciplinary team approach. Beginning in 2010, Justin Bayless became the second generation owner and has transformed the company into a comprehensive healthcare provider utilizing a proprietary process of integration to improve the patient experience. As a comprehensive service provider for all ages and socio-economic classes, Bayless provides family medicine, emotional and behavioral health, addiction treatment, and social healthcare services. For more information, call (602) 230-7373 or visit https://www.baylesshealthcare.com/.

About MedAvail Technologies
MedAvail Technologies Inc. is a healthcare technology company that has developed and commercialized an innovative Self-Serve Pharmacy Kiosk solution. The MedAvail MedCenter® supports the dispensing of prescription drugs and Over-the-Counter medications. MedAvail has deployed kiosks in the US, Canada and Switzerland in use cases that include employer sites, retail pharmacies, retail stores without traditional pharmacies, hospital emergency rooms, urgent cares, community clinics, universities and medical office buildings. For more information, visit http://medavail.com/.