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Bayless opening clinic for families, at-risk children

 |  West Valley View

Bayless Integrated Healthcare, a leader in combining physical, social, mental and emotional health services at each of its clinics, will open a sixth location, Bayless Integrated Healthcare, Avondale Elementary School District Integrated Clinic, located in the original AESD building at 235 W. Western Avenue.

The multi-specialty clinic will provide integrated healthcare services including family medicine, behavioral health and life skill services to students and families who reside in Maricopa County’s Southwest Valley – an area in great need of care and resources. To help expand access to underserved children and families in Maricopa County, the new clinic will offer physical and behavioral health services to approximately 12,000 to 13,000 students in the Avondale Elementary School District including Avondale Middle School, Elíseo C. Félix School and Lattie Coor School.

West Valley View shares more about the new clinic and how it will service at-risk students and families throughout the Southwest Valley.

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