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Our Approach

Healthcare that works together toward your total well-being

One Team, Balanced Care

Health relies on many different yet connected elements: physical environment, individual behavior, and social economic factors. That’s why at Bayless Integrated Healthcare, we take a collaborative approach to healthcare, working with a team of specialists that you don’t need to travel all over town to meet with, and who talk with each other to ensure that the care you and your family receive is complete and balanced.

We call this a “whole person” approach, one that offers a variety of service options for both the body and mind – including physical, emotional, behavioral, and social healthcare services – and is available to all ages and socioeconomic classes.

Bayless Integrated Healthcare Team

An Integrated Approach

The collaborative and integrated approach at Bayless brings specialists together to focus on your overall health as a common goal, something that saves you time and money, improves lives, and puts your mind at ease.

Healthcare Programs

How is our Integrated Approach Different

With most healthcare, you see a physician for annual exams and physical ailments, a separate therapist for mental health concerns, and possibly another specialist or group to help with social need, none of whom talk to each other. This disjointed approach lead many people (50 percent, in fact) to seek out mental healthcare solely through their primary care physician, someone who is not specially trained in behavioral health and who normally only has about 15 minutes scheduled for a patient visit.

At Bayless, we meet all of your healthcare needs in one location to create a balanced medical home for you and your family.

Improving lives, transforming healthcare