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Donette Alexis, PhD, PysD

Licensed Clinical Psycologist

From her early childhood in the rural British West Indies, to relocating to Brooklyn, a continual theme in Dr. Alexis’ life is that of integration of opposites. Dr. Alexis’ childhood in Guyana was the epitome of “it takes a village to raise a child.” She lived communally in a large yard with her entire extended family.  Her life changed significantly after relocating to New York City as a preteen. Independence and navigating the vastness of the city were skills that she developed and in time she grew accustomed to life in America.

Dr. Alexis’ grandparents were most instrumental in her life and the lessons they instilled in her shaped the person she is today. Her grandmother was nurturing and spiritual and her grandfather was disciplined and educative. From these early experiences her passion for psychology grew. The educative ability of psychology and the potential it holds to improve lives captures her grandfather’s lessons. Psychology also reflects her grandmother’s compassionate and altruistic nature. Psychology, for her, represents her grandparents’ teachings and their lasting impressions.

Having had such divergent experiences allows her to be interpersonally flexible and embracing of differences in others and in life.  She is able to emphatically understand others by drawing from her past experiences. Dr. Alexis can identify with diverse individuals (Immigrants, minorities, those from urban & rural environments, spiritual/religious) as they live within her. Dr. Alexis is a mother, a wife and she enjoys spending time with her family.

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