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Pharmacy Kiosk

Introducing SpotRX

Who is SpotRX? SpotRx is one of Bayless Integrated Healthcare’s pharmacy partners and maker of the prescription kiosks located on-site at the Integrated Health Center, Avondale Elementary School District and Dobson Ranch clinic locations. As a full-service pharmacy, SpotRx kiosks contain hundreds of prescription medications as well as over the counter drugs that are available for quick pickups or for free next-day deliveries.

How does it work? Let’s say you come in for a check-up for high blood pressure, and your Bayless provider writes you a prescription for medication. You can immediately pick it up at the SpotRx kiosks right there in the facility instead of waiting in line at a traditional pharmacy, or you can have your medications delivered straight to your home or work.

Live pharmacists available. Anytime you use a SpotRx kiosk, you’ll have the opportunity to chat with a live pharmacist. They will confirm your identity, answer questions you may have about the prescription, ensure you’re receiving the right dosage, and double check that the prescription dispensed from the kiosk is exactly what you need.

Contactless delivery. SpotRx also offers free, contactless delivery of all prescriptions to your home or work. The delivery is free of charge to the Greater Phoenix and Tucson, AZ metro areas. Search your delivery zone here.

Safety and convenience. At Bayless, we see our patients through virtual care to help keep them safe, and they love the convenience of taking doctor’s appointments from home. With SpotRx’s pharmacy kiosks, you can experience a fully virtual doctor’s experience down to the contactless delivery of your medications.

Will my copay be the same? SpotRx accepts most major insurance, including over 9,000 plans. They are a preferred pharmacy for a majority of Commercial, Medicaid, and Medicare Advantage plans, which means your copay will be the same or less. Call 1-844-477-6879 for coverage questions.

Let’s get going! Transferring your prescriptions is easy. Fill out the form here and SpotRx will take care of the rest. For any new prescription, your doctor can select SpotRx as your pharmacy. Refills can be requested by calling 1-844-477-6879 or using the SpotRx app.